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Hope Springs Horticulture - Community Interest Company

Growing Together

We aim to help people with:

Building their confidence

Improving people’s confidence is a priority for us on the project. Confidence is such an intrinsic part of coping with mental illness and this has a positive impact on the ability to live day to day.

 'It helps me improve my confidence and it keeps me physically active. It also reduces my sense of isolation as it gets me out of the house for a day.' 

 'I have not been coming here long but I’ve found it a friendly and relaxing environment, it has done my confidence and social skills a world of good!'

Maintaining mental wellbeing

Giving people the opportunity to talk about their experiences can be immensely helpful, whether it is to staff or others who have been through similar experiences. Having someone listen can be a major relief, just letting people know they are not alone and that someone understands makes dealing with their illness a bit more manageable.

'I like everything about the project, I find it very therapeutic. It is a lovely environment. Everyone is very welcoming I really appreciate the group for the time, patience, understanding and the listening ear when I want to off load. The project is a wonderful place to be, fresh air, sunshine, sometimes showers, wind and rain but the weather doesn't matter because I am in lovely company.'

'It's good for physically working off stress in a supportive and therapeutic environment'

'It helps me maintain my mental health, you get a sense of satisfaction seeing the results of your work'

'I always feel calm and relaxed after attending'

'It's somewhere go without feeling anxious'

Reducing social isolation

Just being able to get out of the house and socialise can make the world of difference. Our projects are friendly and very inclusive. It may seem daunting at first but everyone is made most welcome and soon get's into the swing of things. The surroundings are lovely places to work in, a little oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

' It's good to meet people with same needs as me. I like working outside and talking to people in small groups' 

'I love to be with other people, it’s my one day out every week'

'it stops me being isolated. I feel safe at the project and with the people that are there'

Promoting healthy living

Working on the project is a great way to fit in a bit of exercise without all the stress and strain of going to the gym. There's a variety of tasks for all abilities. You don't need to know anything about gardening, with a bit of support you'll soon be learning new skills. All the fruit and veg we grow is there for people to take home (this saves a bit on your weekly food budget too) Everything is grown organically so there are no nasty pesticides added. We are quite adventurous in what we grow and many things are rarely available in the shops (Jostaberries and Wineberries are a particular favourite) We also grow extra plants for people to take home and plant in their own gardens, hopefully you'll get the gardening bug and want to carry on by creating your own little oasis at home. 

'It has definitely improved the quality of my life'

'It's good getting into the fresh air and doing physical exercise'

'It's given me a better life in general' 

'If I didn’t attend the project I would feel very isolated and would not get out and do things. I would not be as active and would not get to talk to people who are in the same position as me'